“Don’t Go Looking For Insults”

Obama to College Students: Don’t Go Looking for Insults

Good read- President Obama says to college students, “Do not go looking for insults” and agrees Trump has a point when it comes to college students trying to shut down opposing voices.  President Obama goes on to offer the advice of, it is better to debate someone and prove they are wrong rather than resorting to name calling.

Good advice, except in my experience, the name calling starts after the debate… when they have run out of arguments and name calling is all they have left.  But I am glad the President addressed this because it is absolutely shameful what is happening on college campuses.  All voices matter.  (sorry, I couldn’t resist!)

What’s New in Immigration

What’s new in immigration…

The border patrol is currently overwhelmed. Last month, border patrol apprehended 7406 unaccompanied minors and 15,573 families, mostly from Central America. This month, they are on pace to surpass that. This year, they are looking at apprehending more than 600,000 illegal immigrants, the highest in 6 years. But we are not putting them on a plane and sending them home. Instead, at a cost of $700 per immigrant, we are putting them on a plane and sending them to wherever in the US because the Obama Administration has deemed them to be victims of trafficking and refugees entitled to stay pending a court date (which most do not show up for).

Meanwhile in Los Angeles, LA Mayor Eric Garcetti announced Monday, $5 million in tax payer dollars has been allocated to pay for the hiring of defense attorneys to fight any attempt to deport them. Los Angeles has decided this goes for ANY illegal immigrant to include criminal immigrants with felonies. This goes against federal law which means LA can have its federal funding cut. According to the LA Times, “Los Angeles is slated to receive about $500 million this fiscal year directly from the federal government to pay for services such as port security and homeless shelters. That figure doesn’t include federal money that flows to the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, a joint city-county agency. The agency will receive about $23 million in federal Housing and Urban Development funds this fiscal year.”

Given that President-Elect Trump has said he is only interested in deporting criminal aliens (something I completely support), if the other 100 sanctuary cities decide to do the same, I am wondering just how much federal money we will be saving and can we put it towards the national debt? It is only pennies in a big bucket, but every penny counts.

Maybe I should feel bad for the people who would be hurt by the cutting off of federal funding, but the way I see it, they have the power to stop this by coming out against their government’s policy.  The irresponsible governing that is happening in LA needs to stop, and maybe this is what it takes for people to start taking an interest.  The city of Los Angeles is deeply in debt, largely due to unpaid pensions.  In March it was projected to be $20 billion.  LA NEEDS federal funding and that Mayor has lost his fracking mind.  Not only is he willing to risk his whole city by playing chicken with the federal government, he has turned his city into a magnet for criminal immigrants.  Is it really worth it?  Especially when you consider how little $5 million will do given the cost of a defense attorney in Los Angeles.  Maybe they will give the LA government a discount… LA is going to need it.