As a news junkie, I am constantly posting comments on Facebook about politics and current events.  I am humbled to say a lot of friends tell me they get their news from me.  Recently a friend asked me to do a blog for the upcoming 2016 Presidential election, digging BENEATH THE BULL, and pulling out that ever elusive truth voters are looking for before they hit the ballot box.  That is where I am starting with this blog… we’ll see where it goes!

***I am human therefore I have biases and opinions.  It is my right as an American to express them.  Whether you agree or disagree, please do so respectfully.***


In 1990, I was medically boarded out of the Army.  A couple months later, I was sitting home alone watching bombs fall down on Baghdad, wondering how the world became such a crazy place without me noticing.   And I was scared because my soldier husband and the friends I served with would soon be over there.  Fortunately it ended quickly, before my husband got there, and thankfully, all my friends that did go, came home.

Watching those bombs fall in 1990 was a wake-up call for me.  I realized I did not want to walk through life blissfully ignorant.  If my husband was being sent off to fight in a strange land, I had to know why.  As the world around me changed, how did it affect me and mine?  When I walked into a voting booth, what did I want my voice to say?  What do I stand for?  What do I believe?

I became a news junkie, trying to see the big picture from my little bubble.  I realized my admiration for President Ronald Reagan did not make me a conservative, just as my daily hour spent with Oprah did not make me a liberal.  I was just me, caught somewhere in the middle.

Fifteen years after the the bombing of Baghdad, almost to the day, my husband crossed the border into Iraq… and he did not come home.  He was killed in an IED attack in Baghdad.  In the big picture, it was a small event, barely noticed in the news… just a name scrolling across the bottom of the tv screen.  But it devastated my little piece of the world, leaving nothing but shattered pieces of broken bubble around me.  Ten years later, I am not that same young woman who simply wanted to be informed.  I realized the world does not happen around you.  It happens to you.

***Everything I am and everything I do, to include this blog, I dedicate to the man who knew me better than anyone and still loved me unconditionally.  I love you Babe. ***


SSG Bryant A. Herlem, KIA Baghdad, Iraq, 28APR2006