“Don’t Go Looking For Insults”

Obama to College Students: Don’t Go Looking for Insults

Good read- President Obama says to college students, “Do not go looking for insults” and agrees Trump has a point when it comes to college students trying to shut down opposing voices.  President Obama goes on to offer the advice of, it is better to debate someone and prove they are wrong rather than resorting to name calling.

Good advice, except in my experience, the name calling starts after the debate… when they have run out of arguments and name calling is all they have left.  But I am glad the President addressed this because it is absolutely shameful what is happening on college campuses.  All voices matter.  (sorry, I couldn’t resist!)

What’s New in Immigration

What’s new in immigration…

The border patrol is currently overwhelmed. Last month, border patrol apprehended 7406 unaccompanied minors and 15,573 families, mostly from Central America. This month, they are on pace to surpass that. This year, they are looking at apprehending more than 600,000 illegal immigrants, the highest in 6 years. But we are not putting them on a plane and sending them home. Instead, at a cost of $700 per immigrant, we are putting them on a plane and sending them to wherever in the US because the Obama Administration has deemed them to be victims of trafficking and refugees entitled to stay pending a court date (which most do not show up for).

Meanwhile in Los Angeles, LA Mayor Eric Garcetti announced Monday, $5 million in tax payer dollars has been allocated to pay for the hiring of defense attorneys to fight any attempt to deport them. Los Angeles has decided this goes for ANY illegal immigrant to include criminal immigrants with felonies. This goes against federal law which means LA can have its federal funding cut. According to the LA Times, “Los Angeles is slated to receive about $500 million this fiscal year directly from the federal government to pay for services such as port security and homeless shelters. That figure doesn’t include federal money that flows to the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, a joint city-county agency. The agency will receive about $23 million in federal Housing and Urban Development funds this fiscal year.”

Given that President-Elect Trump has said he is only interested in deporting criminal aliens (something I completely support), if the other 100 sanctuary cities decide to do the same, I am wondering just how much federal money we will be saving and can we put it towards the national debt? It is only pennies in a big bucket, but every penny counts.

Maybe I should feel bad for the people who would be hurt by the cutting off of federal funding, but the way I see it, they have the power to stop this by coming out against their government’s policy.  The irresponsible governing that is happening in LA needs to stop, and maybe this is what it takes for people to start taking an interest.  The city of Los Angeles is deeply in debt, largely due to unpaid pensions.  In March it was projected to be $20 billion.  LA NEEDS federal funding and that Mayor has lost his fracking mind.  Not only is he willing to risk his whole city by playing chicken with the federal government, he has turned his city into a magnet for criminal immigrants.  Is it really worth it?  Especially when you consider how little $5 million will do given the cost of a defense attorney in Los Angeles.  Maybe they will give the LA government a discount… LA is going to need it.




Hillary Clinton’s Superpower

I like to give credit where credit is due, and I am going to give Hillary Clinton some extremely major props right now… as much as I cannot stand that woman, I think I have completely underestimated her. Bill Clinton might have the polish and the charm as a politician, but I seriously do not think we have ever seen a politician who is as skillfully manipulative and who plays the game as well as her…

This past Friday, Wikileaks put out a dump of emails and transcripts of Wall Street speeches given by Hillary Clinton, some allegedly connected to John Podesta, the long time crony and chairman of the Clinton campaign. Immediately after, a 2005 audiotape was leaked of Trump sitting in a van with Billy Bush talking like the last 2 virgins on a football team. Yeah, the guys who couldn’t get laid! So juvenile. So unimportant in the big scheme of things… And yet EVERYONE, including myself, took the bait and talked about that stupid audiotape all weekend long. Everyone, except of course, the person responsible for the leak of that audiotape… Hillary Clinton. She has stayed silent because she knows she does not have to say anything at all… we are all saying and doing it for her. The political junkie in me has to step back and give her a huge WOW on this one.


Those on the Left, her supporters, came out and expressed their moral outrage, acting as if two losers sitting in a van talking about women was the moral equivalent of rape. Those on the right, being astounded that with everything going on in the world… IEDs going off in the streets of New York City, 401Ks sitting on a fragile bubble ready to burst, 30-40 people shot every weekend in Chicago with a death toll equivalent to that of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, a national debt so humongous the interest alone could finance a second military, 20 Vets committing suicide on a daily basis, Iran and North Korea poking and provoking us every chance they get, Obamacare imploding, A FRICKIN DEADLY CAT4 HURRICANE HITTING THE ATLANTIC COAST and on and on and on, that this is the topic of conversation!!!!  Like dumbasses, we are all talking about two losers in a van talking smack 11 years ago!!! Those not attacking Trump for this are the bigger dumbasses because we knew it was a distraction put out by her campaign, and it was stupid to focus on it, and yet, what did we do?! We took the bait too!


And what were we getting distracted from? The biggest irony of all… in that Wikileaks dump, there is a an excerpt from one of Hillary’s Wall Street speeches in which she admits she has a public policy for the (dumbass) masses, but she also has a private policy… and that’s the one she shares with the Wall Street bankers and brokers and corporate execs.


Hillary Clinton is the Presidential candidate for the party of Occupy Wall Street members and a large majority of Bernie Sanders’ supporters… the party that wants to destroy and tear down big banks, Wall Street, corporate America and yet, the woman who has been bought and paid for by Wall Street is their candidate! Wall Street is her BIGGEST campaign donor, like to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars! Why would Wall Street support the candidate of the party that wants to tear their little golden nest egg down?! Because they know what her real policy is! Her PRIVATE policy. This woman is owned by the very people her party hates, and yet the party still defends her and is going to vote for her anyway!


And the manipulation does not end there… this whole weekend her supporters screamed outrage over two men talking trash in a van about women… let me say that again… TALKED! No woman has come out and claimed that Trump has ever touched her inappropriately without her consent and yet, the Left are morally outraged by this TALK?!!! But will likely still vote for Hillary despite her being married to a man who has been accused of actually DOING sexual assault and rape multiple times (not talk, but DID) and the same Hillary who led the crusade to destroy these likely rape victims, these WOMEN, because they were an inconvenient obstacle to her greedy, narcissistic, political and economic ambitions! No wonder the Left needs safe places to protect them from TALK!!!! Going by this weekend, they think talk is worse than the actual act!!! They actually think a man TALKING about women LETTING him grab their pussies because he is a celebrity (duh) is somehow worse than a man who actually forces women to perform sexual acts on him against her will!!!! I mean, MY GOD, Hillary Clinton is the poster child for political and Wall Street corruption, for bullying and destroying the lives of women after they were the victims of a sexual predator, EVERYTHING her voters say they hate… and they are defending her… and voting for her!!!


She is even manipulating the people who do not trust her and know she is a manipulator!! She has the republican party politicians, seasoned political vets, political manipulators themselves… even Trump’s own VP pick!!! running as fast as they can away from Trump with their tail between their legs for something we all know Trump does!!! We’ve known it for years!!!! It’s no secret! He says stupid shite! Hell! Even Fox News is talking about this 24/7! This is NOT news people!! Trump making crass and lewd comments is same old, same old… And yet, we are all still talking about this?!!!!!!!


This morning I caught myself actually angry at the people I was disagreeing with over this topic and I had to step back because it is very unlike me. I can be worlds apart in disagreement with someone, but still respect their right to believe what they want and not let my emotions get in the way of that. But that is NOT who I was this morning! I WAS ANGRY! So I took a deep breath, and in a moment of clarity I realized I am the biggest dumbass of all!  I follow this stuff!  I love politics and the whole political chess game…and I still got played!  I spent my birthday weekend talking about something that is beyond stupid. I wasted precious time with friends at my high school reunion talking about this STUPID story! Time that I cannot get back! No wonder I am angry over this! But then I took that anger and did something I never do… I targeted it at people I disagree with. People who are my friends, who are good people despite my inability to understand the position they have taken, anymore than maybe they can understand mine. I never allow politics to come before friendship… until this morning. Two things hit me… First, not only was I manipulated into a conversation I find to be a complete waste of time and thus ignoring the much bigger story concerning the document dump, but second, in my anger I almost fed into of something I absolutely, positively hate which is the partisan divide that is ripping this country apart. And that disturbs me more than anything else.


But here’s the thing about manipulation. it only works when you aren’t aware you that someone else is pulling your strings . When you do know, you can choose to cut the puppet strings away. I am choosing to no longer talk about Donald Trump. I have said several times, the republicans could choose a dodo bird for a candidate and I will still vote for the dodo bird over Hillary Clinton. So at this point and going forward, Trump is irrelevant in this election.   I am not going to defend his stupid comments.  I am not even going to try.  My focus is going to be completely on Hillary Clinton and only Hillary Clinton. If you want to talk about Trump being far from imperfect, I agree… now let’s talk about Hillary. She is NOT going to manipulate the story away from her again. And she will try! I fully expect that every time there is another document dump, or when the FOIA questions have to be turned over to the court, or whatever latest scandal comes out about Clinton makes its way to the public, there will be another juvenile display by Trump leaked to the media… HELL! Maybe she even has another “victim” of Trump’s whose real life story does not come close to matching the story the media will put out about them… but I really do not care anymore. He is a dodo bird and I am going to vote for him.

So now, let’s go research what Hillary did not want us to see in this latest document dump…

Either They Can or Can’t in the NFL

This is my issue with the NFL…

Cameron Heyward cannot wear eye black with “Iron Head” written in it to honor his dad who lost his battle to cancer and to support cancer awareness.


 (AP Photo/Don Wright) 

Cameron Heyward: NFL Fined Me for Honoring Late Father with Eye Black

DeAngelo Williams cannot wear accessories to honor his mom who died from breast cancer, again to support cancer awareness. (That is why he now has pink in his hair.)

Deangelo Williams says NFL cited uniform policy in reasoning

Antonio Brown was told he could not wear these shoes depicting pictures of his kids’ faces… the four reasons he plays the game.  Brown is willing to pay the weekly fine but in last week’s game, he was told to change his shoes or not come back on the field.

Refs forced Antonio Brown to change his cleats during game against Eagles

And that is just on my Steelers!

These are small things that promote good things…cancer awareness and fatherhood. And yet, the NFL is silent about Colin Kaepernick making his political statement (his free speech, his right, not bitching).  I know the NFL has a policy for uniforms, but the color of your cleats or having a message in your eye black does not even compare to the very visual statement Kaepernick and many other NFL players are choosing to make by not standing for the National Anthem.

Seriously, the NFL needs to show consistency. Either football players can make small gestures to make a personal statement or they can’t.

Facebook Rants (Vol. V)

(September 19, 2016)
Oh.My.God. And I say that in prayer because goodness knows this country needs it!
The IG for the Dept of Homeland Security has put out a report that says…
We had 800+ immigrants from “countries of interest” (that means terrorism) were ready to be deported but were accidentally given citizenship! How the frightening hell does that happen?!!
OH.MY.GOD… please save us from the stupidity that has obviously permeated our government at record levels!!

(September 20, 2016)
Wells Fargo really screwed the pooch this time.

(September 20, 2016)
I don’t get the whole ‘lone wolf’ label. They learn that hate from somewhere.

(September 20, 2016)
Dear CNN,
Educate yourself. “Profiling like Israel” is not “racial profiling”. But somehow I think you know that already and just want to start racist shit with Trump.
Have some self-respect for your profession please… report the truth, not what you want the truth to be.”
Deplorable Me

(September 20, 2016)
More campus craziness…
Safe spaces! Duke University is adding a safe space to its campus, and a social worker will be on call to help you during your healing when you visit the wussie… uh, I mean safe space.
Brown University has also implemented a safe space on its campus, but instead of a social worker, there is play dough, cookies, comic books, bubbles, calming music, pillows, blankies, and videos of frolicking puppies. Everything a toddler needs to help them feel better…
Yeah, I’m not a fan of the “safe space”.

(September 21, 2016So funny…
Hillary says “bombing” with NJ and NY. No one says anything.
Trump says “bombing” and the media raises holy hell.. how dare he call it a bombing without knowing the facts!!!
Black man gets killed by a policeman… and what does the media do? In Charlotte, they reported that the family said Scott was holding a book, not a gun. Riots occurred. Vandalism happened and 16 police get hurt. This morning, the police say witnesses corroborate he had a gun; there was no book on the scene, and they recovered the gun.
Maybe the media should quit calling the kettle black, and stop reporting without knowing the facts.

Hillary’s Version of “Tough Vetting”

Hillary says she is a long time advocate for tough vetting…

Really?! Since when?!  As Secretary of State, isn’t she the one person who could have done something about that?!

Hillary also says we need a better visa system, invoking the 9-11 terrorists who all came here by visa (on her husband’s watch)…  she did nothing as First Lady.

Stronger vetting is something she could have advocated for as a senator, but there is nothing in her record to say she ever tried to pass a bill and get it done.

And visas are something she, again, was in the perfect position to do something about as Secretary of State but, again, did nothing!!!!

And she says NOTHING about protecting our borders despite knowing the cartels are now working with terrorist organizations and recently, an Afghan terrorist was caught at the border… he was traveling with other men who were not caught!

Goodness Grief!  I am so done with this woman’s lies and empty rhetoric.

Her Decisions

Hillary says she’s “the only candidate in this race who has been part of the hard decisions to take terrorists off the battlefield.

Seems to me she has been involved with the hard decisions that put more terrorists on the battlefield. ISIS did not exist until the hard decision was made to remove our troops from Iraq. ISIS would not have control of Libya if not for her hard decisions to go after Qaddafi. And she continues to support the “hard decision” to release prisoners from GITMO despite knowing that many of those prisoners are now back on the battlefield, one of which now runs ISIS in Yemen, another failure that falls at her feet.

Personally, I have had enough of the crap we are dealing with as a result of HER hard decisions.

The Fashionable Pantsuit?

A story from the Washington Post I had to laugh at… They ran a story about Hillary being a “fashion icon” for the powerful woman and she influences fashion designers around the world. Hillary is a fashion muse!

Hillary Clinton, Style Icon? The unexpected Inspiration for Women’s Spring Fashion

I don’t like to talk about a candidate’s appearance and will only do it on rare occasions in response to something said… THIS is one of those rare occasions. And before the feminists start the sexist/ genderist/ whateverist accusations, I have talked about Trump’s comb over, orange skin, and raccoon eyes… This is just another step for equality in the workplace. (See! I can spin bullshit too  😉

SO… WTF are they talking about? Some of those pant suits look like they came from the closet of Kim Jung Un. Some of the collars on those jackets remind me of Rick Moreno as a skinny Darth Vader too small for the costume; or cartoon character villains who want to rule empires (not Pinky and the Brain though… Brain is obviously Newt Gingrich); Or some space suit waiting to get attached to a helmet! The most hilarious part to this story for me personally is when they talk about it on the news, they are using video from her recent appearance in Greensboro where she is wearing a pinkish striped jacket sweater… I have seen her wear it in the past and it has to be the most unflattering jacket she wears in my opinion because it makes her look frumpy and looks like her bra straps have given up or maybe that she isn’t wearing a bra at all! I literally think of it as “that saggy sweater”. I hate it on her.


That is one thing I truly do not understand about her campaign… Hillary at 68 is still a very attractive woman. Why doesn’t she wear clothes that reflect that more often? Something that will appeal to a younger generation, especially since she needs that vote! A woman’s wardrobe is actually an advantage women have over men who are stuck in the suit and tie. Unless she is trying to be a dictator, get her out of those square and rectangle jackets, and PLEASE burn the saggy sweater! The black outfit she had on outside Chelsea’s apartment the other day looked really nice and right before she got sick, she wore a jacket with a red blouse, had a little shimmer to it… That was rockin! More of that please!


And I could not even take the article seriously because NONE of the clothes featured in it look anything like what Hillary wears. Not even the ONE “professional” (maybe if your profession is stripping) pantsuit…

F.O.P. Endorsement

The country’s largest police union, the Fraternal Order of Police, has endorsed Donald Trump for President. Seems odd to have a union of any kind endorse a republican, but according to the Fraternal Order of Police, Hillary never filled out the paperwork to even try to get their endorsement.

Ok…so she did not want the police endorsing her. What’s the big deal?

It is important because of the role of the President. The legislative branch or Congress makes law. The judicial branch, or Supreme Court, interprets the law to make sure it is Constitutional. The executive branch, or President, enforces the law. What do police do? Enforce the law. So wouldn’t it make sense if the person who wants to be President and in charge of enforcing the laws of this country would also want the support of the men and women on the ground and on the front lines of enforcing the law? Yet Hillary did not even try.

Maybe her concussion caused her to forget that the Presidency actually has a purpose and a job to do… Come to think of it, I have never heard her say she would enforce the laws of this land. Hmmmmm…

Facebook Rant (Vol IV)

(September 14, 2016)

It seems that Colin Powell’s personal email got hacked and some have been published by DC Leaks. He called Trump some not so nice names (because of the birther movement) which is not surprising since he obviously does not like Trump. So no real news there.
But it is what he says about Hillary who he was expected to endorse that is interesting…

“Everything HRC touches she kind of screws up with hubris.”

“I have told Hillary’s [sic] minions repeatedly that they are making a mistake trying to drag me in, yet they still try. The media isn’t fooled and she is getting crucified.”
(Written in May)

“I would rather not have to vote for her, although she is a friend I respect. A 70-year old person with a long track record, unbridled ambition, greedy, not transformational, with a husband still [blanking] bimbos at home.”

In an email to NBC’s Andrea Mitchell about his advice to Clinton on email use, he wrote “I told her how I was using my personal computer for [unclassified] emails. I said nothing about servers, basements, domains, Clinton Foundation, government employees. The Clintonistas have been trying for months to connect our usage.”

Over a year ago he wrote about Hillary’s health:
“On HDTV she doesn’t look good. She is working herself to death.”

On her speaking fees:
“I told you about the gig I lost at a University because she so overcharged them they came under heat and couldn’t find any fees for awhile. I should send her a bill.”

Powell’s office confirmed the emails were his and they do not plan to comment further. The Clinton campaign and her running mate Tim Kaine would not comment.
Bill Clinton commented that Condoleeza Rice did not use email… “Smart girl”.

First… WHY are these people still communicating via email and can’t they afford better cyber security?!!
Second… I have a feeling Hillary will not be wanting Powell’s endorsement any time soon.
And third, on the cyber-security issue, the democrats are losing. Did you hear the DNC got hacked again too?!